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Beautiful Valldal

Valldal, known as strawberry village in Møre og Romsdal. Valldal is a valley lead that starts at the to point of the National Tourist Route "Trollstigen - Geiranger".

The valley is about 30 km. long and ending down by the fjord, an arm of Storfjorden, with Tafjorden in one direction and Synnylvsfjorden - Geirangerfjorden in the opposite. The road over the mountain to Romsdalen has been important for centuries, first as a trade route, long before the tourists came.

Trollstigvegen, as it is today, was officially opened by King Haakon 7 in 1936. Valldal is historically known as the place where Olav the Holy landed in winter 1029 and his journey further up the valley and across the mountain to Dovre. Valldal and Tafjord area are part of the World Heritage Site together with Geiranger.

Nr. 154 KyrkjebåtOsvikaA - 1920x1152-Utsnitt.jpg

These people from Osvika embark on a church trip from the old Osvik spring about 1920. The people in the rowing boat are from the right: Olina Marta Osvik, Karolina Osvik, Karl Johan Osvik, Lars Osvik, Johan Osvik, Olav Osvik. The woman who is at the forefront of the rowing boat is a servant at Lars from a gard in Valldalen.

Nr. 867 Stubbrytar.Trollstigen - 1920x1152.jpg

Trollstigen 1930-1932. Bishopesvingen.
The person to the left is Ludvik Solheim, and besides Martin Ytterlid (bass), we have Ole Martin Tafjord, Karl Andreas Tafjord and Albert Tafjord. They work on a chord with a team of 6 men.
The labor team bought a stubbrytar (Stubbrytar was a tool for drawing timber and stone), for private money. Probably, this was one of the first in these areas.
Here they are in the process of making Bispesvingen.